Seducing and Being Perturbed by a Liberal Womyn

It is a terrible burden to have a very high sex drive and to have an overwhelming desire to conquer my domain as is natural for a man but because I am highly intelligent and also in pristine physical condition and tall I am a nearly flawless seductress.  It is also a very great burden to maintain a strong and principled intellect which causes disdain when I speak with most womyn for more than five minutes and discover that like sheep they nearly all carry within their minds the cancerous ideas of liberalism.

I sat on the wretched Red Line on my journey home from my office one evening last week and became overwhelmed with desire for a very young womyn who sat beside me.  She had the bone structure of a well bred European and was scented with a perfume which strongly suggested fertility.  She was very small in stature and emanated a quite insane amount of sexual energy prompting me to imagine a most violent style of intercourse involving a great deal of choking, some crying (on her part of course) and leaving in her in a quivering mass of moistened flesh, some blood, and of course tears. I was reading an article on in regards to US drinking rates and seduced her as such:

“Which one of these deciles do you fall into?”

“Hmm…the lowest one”

“Oh my, you make me look like an alcoholic”

“You’re funny!”

“I know.”

Verily my seduction was excellent and I obtained the young whore’s number and she requested that I join her at her favorite hookah bar the following week.

When we were reunited she wore very bright lipstick and her energy had increased causing me to feel that I was with a mentally unstable person and I became repulsed with her immediately.  We entered the bar which was filled with sickly sweet smoke and predominated by wealthy young arabs who glared at my glorious aryan features which also hint at my partially jewish heritage.  I have a very full beard and look frightful and was pleased with the dismay my presence caused within their Mohammedan souls.  My whore began to lavish greetings upon an older arab:

“Hamza, how aaaare you?”  Hamza smiled and nodded.

“Hamza, how aaaare your kiiiids?” Hamza smiled and nodded.

The whore continued babbling and Hamza continued smiling and nodding and then retired to his table to partake in disgusting arab tobacco laced with hideous fruit flavours of many varieties which are all disgusting.  The whore began to speak to me:

“Hamza is the sweeeetest man, he just moved to America and has 10 kids and is always smiling!”

“Is Hamza smiling because his children are supported by our generous welfare system which is verily destroying our national strength which must please him deep in his Mohammedan soul or lack thereof?”



We ordered our food and as she continued speaking I became increasingly furious.

Her name was Danielle.  Her father was a very successful civic engineer who was too in love with his work and not enough in love with life and Danielle enjoyed her private education at an elementary school with no grades and many hands on learning opportunities and her current education at a very good but not Ivy League private college and seemed to see no contradiction in her discord.  Danielle could only fall in love with men whom she admired and had been in love once with a man who was well traveled and played violin beautifully.  Danielle enjoyed power lifting, clarinet, jazz hip hop and blues dancing, and rock climbing but only routes which provided mental physical and spiritual growth and if the climb did not provide all three she felt cheated.  Danielle asked how I traveled when I traveled in her ever more affected speech as so:

“When you travel, how do you travel?” I knew immediately what she meant because I was raised among wealthy and similarly delusional liberals.

“Well Danielle, when I travel I simply find a locale and go, I travel without planning because it is only when we are uncomfortable in a foreign land can we truly grow and expand outside of our imperialistic hegemonic world view.”

Danielle squealed like a delighted liberal piglet and I was overcome with disgust for her and myself.  My overwhelming sex drive had once again caused me great pain and boredom.  Danielle prattled on:

“My friends and I went to Brazil and just wandered around markets all day and we saw an alley way and just walked down it and found other allies and a mango stand and we just had juicy mangos for lunch!”

My patience broke.  “I once lived in Lowell and saw a large puddle of blood in the apartment hallway which came from the body of a crackhead who was murdered.  Aren’t you afraid that you’ll get kidnapped and gang raped as you flit about the third world?”

“Well I hadn’t thought about it but I don’t believe in fear of other cultures and I always tell myself that whatever happens to me I will get through it by thinking positively.”

I immediately requested our bill and rushed Danielle to the train so I could rid myself of her presence which exuded western suicide and went home to pleasure myself with internet pornography very glad to be rid of her.

It is proper for a womyn liberal to convert to Islam as it is an Oppressed race so its misogyny goes unquestioned much like that among the African race.

It is proper for a womyn liberal to convert to Islam as it is an Oppressed race so its misogyny goes unquestioned much like that among the African race.


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