Subsisting in A World of Cunts who Dominate the “Professions” of Sales, Marketing, Sales Operations, Marketing Operations, and Digesting the Seed of Dastardly Capitalists

"But I'm Just a Girl" the devil proclaimed.  "I enjoy dolls, the color pink, and devouring the souls and finances of Castrata Magnates.  Why are you so meaaaan to me" Jezebel slithered as her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she began to cackle and spray blood from her vile wound betwixt her legs.

“But I’m Just a Girl” the devil proclaimed. “I enjoy dolls, the color pink, and devouring the souls and finances of Castrata Magnates. Why are you so meaaaan to me” Jezebel slithered as her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she began to cackle and spray blood from the vile wound betwixt her legs.

It is a central tenant of Liberalism that a Womyn should be a domineering Cunt and that Womyn are much smarter than men and that their influence breeds peace and superior thinking in all domains both professional and personal.  Womyn openly discuss the superiority of their gender and because the Cunts hold massive political social and sexual power in the society it is only proper to agree with them and to keep your view quiet if you believe that their holding economic and social power has been a detriment to families and to society itself.

As I work in a white collar profession in which salesmanship is valued I work with many Cunts.  The Cunts are almost universally Liberals and the owners of the companies have all shamelessly flirted and awkwardly attempted to seduce their employees.  It is an open secret that the male owners employ legions of attractive females for their own enjoyment which necessarily reduces employment opportunities for men, but it is heresy to state this openly as the mass religion of the land dictates that womyn are opressed by men and must therefore be elevated above them.

I have watched Cunts have numerous accounts handed to them whilst they drain their employers seed and then fumble the management of these accounts to face no repercussions and enjoy public praising and pre-emptive defense for their ineptitude.  I have watched Cunts placed into long term secure positions of employment with no value added to the organization and despite their privileged status undermine new male employees with better qualifications by slandering the employees to the seedless male owners who without hesitation cull the males from their ranks.

I live and subsist in a world of cunts, and I must monitor their lunar-moods constantly.  I maintain a flirtatious demeanor towards the womyn at all times because it is through their sexual temptation that I am able to hold influence over my male employers who care more for rutting like wild pigs than prudent management of their firms.  To maintain rank in such an environment many men take on the demeanor of eunuchs and supplicate.  This is an over compensation and is not optimal.  It is optimal to maintain a dominant and masculine air tempered by playful flirting and coy words and acts of sympathy as they drone on about their sexually boring eunuch husband or irrational hatred of their fellow cunts.

The presence of cunts verily encourages the worst type of competition between the males who if they are more aware of sexual dynamics than average men or just simply unconsciously dominant will publicly psychologically undermine their subordinates when the cunts are present.  I once worked at a firm where the males worked furiously and well as a team but when the cunts were present would turn on each other verbally and giggle like cunts when the cunts would dance about the office in their whorish garments seeking praise and attention as we tried to work and the cunts felt it prudent to behave like schoolgirls.

When there are many cunts living or working together their menstrual cycle’s synchronize and they became unbearable all at once.  They will have emotional outbursts, storm out of the office, come in late, and exhibit an accelerated amount of cuntedness in all ways.  As we live in a society of castrated males this behavior is seen as “cute” and the males seem to enjoy the drama.  I personally despise cunts and agree with Schopenhauer’s reductionist view that womyn are by nature vessels for the next generation and thus as a whole exhibit child-like cuntedness which has no business being promoted and subsidized by cultural and economic customs like affirmative hiring, quotas, and personal affection by men in a business setting.

I feel as if I am drowning in cunts.  Cunts run marketing, cunts run sales operations, cunts very often run sales.  Their glassy, dead eyes and stinking cunts fill my dreams and my days.  I rant in my sleep about the cunts.

As I am of very high intelligence and very ferocious and wise I will someday own my own firm in which cuntish behavior will not be tolerated.


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