Tolerance Is Taken to Suicidal Extremes

Barney is a Dinosaur from your imagination.  Barney is also a Tyrannosaurus Rex who was either an apex predator or a scavenger of deceased flesh depending on which scientist you ask but all scientists who study the matter agree that a Tyrannosaurus Rex subsisted off of formerly living flesh.

It is little wonder that our Nation’s Public Television heavily promoted a program in which young school children frolicked with and learned lessons such as cleanliness and basic mathematics from an Apex Predator such as Barney.

Our Nation’s Government wishes to Capitulate to Barbaric Muslims and Slacker Latins and seeks to acclimate our people into the purple fangs of civilizational destruction as symbolized by Barney who would verily devour the children and the two Herbivores “BJ” and “Baby Bop”.

This is indisputable.


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