The Avalanche; Is this not Hopeless?

Anti-U.S. protesters in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The will to win


trumps the will to be comfortable

I am a young man with a very bright career ahead of him so long as he keeps his Dastardly mouth shut.  So long as my coworkers and managers do not know that I have no sympathy for Michael Brown, view feminism as an unmitigated disaster, and wish for a violent expulsion of illegal Latin immigrants along with a ban on Islam within the United States, I should secure myself with a six figure income within a few years.  This income will ensure my ability to purchase a small tract of land outside of a metropolitan area and work from home selling dubious software and to raise a family.  I will spend my life working, saving, hunting, fishing, and raising my offspring.  I will blog.  Verily and furiously I will blog.  But what then?

The ills which I blog against will continue to grow; the latins will flood our lands and multiply like rats drunk on tequila.  Americans will grow ever more tolerant and perhaps convert willingly to Islam.  The children of enterprising families will revoke their birth rights and join rank with the vibrant and anti-american as is fashionable.  My children’s children may very well find themselves in a land devoid of such concepts as the separation of powers and self-defense.  The neutering is so active that it seems insane to not go willingly and joyfully into the dark and non-thinking night.

The pressure is immense to conform and to die.  It is unfashionable to point out the falling birth rates, lower wages, and reduced time that children can spend with their parents since we “liberated women” or the collapse of the black family since the beginning of the war on poverty.  Something broke in the 1960’s.  It was a small fracture but it has since grown and the bone is about to be shorn in two.  It feels now that we are in free fall.  Perhaps my desire for a quiet family life away from cosmopolitan milleau is my own cop-out…as I write with a belly full of turkey I do feel that it is.  There is an ideological war to be fought that, if not won, will destroy any chance for anything else.

It is not enough to be smart.  It is not enough to be moral.  If your civilization is filled with Einsteins and captains of industry who come to believe it unethical for them to reproduce and defend their civilization, then they will simply cease to do so and be subsumed by others.  Quietly blogging behind the scenes the things which we know to be true will not be enough.  At some point, we are going to have to stand face to face with the mewling feminists, sneering islamists, and effete MSNBC hosts and tell them point blank that we have no tolerance for one iota of their philosophy, that we view them as the enemy and that we will stop at nothing to push them out of our lands.  We will risk and endure impoverishment and career ruination.  But to win, we must be as fanatical as the enemies.

For now I will keep my mouth shut and continue selling dubious software.  Enjoy the Hudna, enjoy the decline.


4 thoughts on “The Avalanche; Is this not Hopeless?

  1. You should put some of this in your “about” section. It puts a lot of your other thinking/other posts into perspective.

    Also I want to share it on Facebook but I’m honestly afraid of what would happen to me, sorry

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  2. This seems to be a universal conundrum for those of us with this point of view…until the ability to have a bright career, financially secure future, and relative safety for a majority or whites disappears we will continue to not make progress. However The Irish Savant often points out on his blog “worse is better”, and it’s quite true. Until such time that white folks are totally dispossessed from the nations and homelands from which they spawned or built, there will be no traction. The current economic and social models the West are pursuing are clearly unsustainable, and its merely a matter of when, not if it will get worse. By that time we will have many more supporters and progress can be made…the question is will it be too late.


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