Dandy Men, Monogamy & Marriage: Dreadful Propositions: Cad Proposes Swinging: A Prescription for Low Fertility High IQ Whyte Society

Marriage is a dreadful proposition for a man.  He risks the loss of his belongings to the state and his wife should the state deem this redistribution just.

So I grow quite confused by the desire of Dandy Men to marry when they could simply be allowed to sign life insurance or hospital visitation contracts and other financial arrangements should they wish to do so.

I enjoy the company of Dandy Men and intend to begin proselytizing the evils of marriage so that I can save more men from the irrational belief in state marriage’s linking with their pair bonding.

I personally will never commit to monogamy as I have done so many a times and verily am haunted by a massive hunger for new sexual conquest without loss of my pair bond.

Although I wish for the character of woman to be monogamous I have no desire to enforce a “no cheating” rule as I believe that women are not capable of such abstinence in the long run unless a man keeps them pregnant consistently through the life of her fertility and I haven’t the means to do so.

As men and women desire sex and society needs offspring, the practice of swinging should verily be encouraged within the minds of the new generations such that we are not outbred by Moslems and Mexicans, We would give an enjoyable sexual practice to the youth which will encourage them to see a great contrast between their own and the Mexicans and Moslems cultures.

Of course families should spring from the womb of only one woman, but verily there is easy access to abortion and contraceptive drugs in case of accidental pregnancy.


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