Cad Reviews his Year and a Half of Psychotherapy in Which He was Never Diagnosed with a Disorder and Diagnoses Himself as a Narcissistic Psychopath (Part 1)

I am noted for my talent of superficial charm in stressful situations, my estimation of myself as being needed by society, my risk taking behaviors, my lying constantly (which is necessary for employment, dear reader, and familial peace as all families require Noble Lies and this should reflect my very sincere disregard for the Psychiatric Profession which seeks to Pathologize being a good Patriarch), cunning and manipulation is used daily, I hold no remorse for my Rakish ways as they were necessary for career advancement and verily encouraged by upbringing, I have of course accessed my familial trust quite aggressively, I have low impulse controls and seek sex constantly, wrote a curse word upon my second grade teacher’s note pad due to being Dastardly, seek to become a demi-god (pundit), am strategically impulsive when I determine I will succeed, am categorized as irresponsible by my parents, blame many long term decisions on my upbringing, have had over 20 sexual partners and 3 serious romantic relationships, and sold pornographic magazine clippings as a child whence in Jazzed Band.

Your dearest Cad was quite aware of his symptoms as he entered Psychotherapy and worked diligently to conceal them from the Harvard Educated Witch-Doctor.

It is therefore quite clear that I am a Psychopath.  Thank God, fore I would not want to feel what the inadequacy these cardboard cutouts around me must endure in the presence of my charismatic and erudite excellence.

Honestly and Seriously Yours, Cad


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