Two Very Fat Dyke Feminists Gurgle their Garbage Philosophy Upon the Train and one Dares to Sit near Cad Who Nearly Vomyts in Rage

Dear Reader,

Obese womyn are visually disgusting.  They resemble trash bags filled with cottage cheese but are different from cottage cheese filled trashbags in that they come in different colors and have greasy mouths which speak but there is not much more difference.  There is a populous womyn’s movement in the United States called feminism which attempts to redefine the physical beauty of a womyn  as an internal personality feature and not an outward reflection of health and fertility.  Cad loathes this movement.  Cad views womyn as what they are: vessels for the propagation of the species with bodies and minds suited for the rearing of young children and caring for the decrepit.  That their species has been allowed and encouraged to seek and hold power is certainly a primary additive in our fall to Moslem’s who breed vigorously and maintain masculine leadership in (their admittedly pathetic but admirably patriarchal) business and governmental bodies.

Cad lives near Harvard University which is the epicenter of the philosophical rot which permeates this feminine wasteland of dying eggs and obese womyn and is daily forced into close proximity with his enemies.

Just yesterday after a long day of corporate political maneuvering around Marketing Cunts and their seedless “male” masters I sat upon the Dastardly Red Line Train on my way home.  I was very furious and filled with caffeine and looking forward to lifting very heavy weights whilst listening to heavy metal and then becoming very intoxicated and ranting at Liberal Arts students  in the towne square.  I sat across from two middle-class girls who were engaged in discussing their nursing-studies and their desires to please their boyfriends and I reflected on the tendency for great wealth to make decadent lotus-eaters of mankind and destroy social cohesion.

As we arrived the MIT station, my eyes beheld a ghastly addition to the passengers: Two Very Fat Feminist Dykes of nigh 23 years!

One was a blimp of a womyn, a black but of lighter complexion with legs like Turkey Drumsticks stuffed into yoga pants and wearing a large enough leather jacket to suggest it was sourced from a prized fighting bull.  She wore very bright red lipstick and reeked of a sluttish perfume which reminded me of the sickly sweet smell of a rotting human corpse.  Her compatriot was a whyte who was not obese but carried large pockets of fat around her gut and arms, and her flabby tits wore pink stretch marks and her tits were verily displayed as if they were to be admired but made me feel very nauseous.

The middle class womyn were sitting with a space between them as they conversed, and the stretch-marked whyte feminist immediately sat right betwixt them!  The two normal girls looked at each other with shock but did not object to this blatant disrespect as they were in shock.  As was I.  My shock turned to horror as the obese Black Womyn sat right next to your dearest Cad  who is thin but was crammed into the person next to him by the Prehistoric thighs of the surely infertile black womyn who produced a vile feminine odour which mingled with her whorish perfume.

The two disfigured beasts began burbling in a call-response with their greasy lips:

“I started telling that Bitch she does not understand ANYTHING about the struggle of a feminist black womyn, and she needs to honestly just shut the fuck up.”

The whyte womyn nodded in agreement.

“And honestly if Tyler doesn’t want THIS pussy, that is HIS loss because I am being BLOWN UP on Tinder!”

“You go girl!”

“Mmmhmm, you KNOW I’ve got it!  You know!”

“Ohh yeah!”

“So many stupid motherfuckers do NOT know WHAT they are missing.  I thought I’d be around some smarter motherfuckers since starting at MIT but goddamn these niggas be crazy turning down this pussy!”

An icy chill entered my soul and my mind was engulfed with the sounds of heavy metal and machine gun fire.  This Troglodyte was a student of MIT, a bastion of scientific and mathematical knowledge, and was so ideologically blinded that she was unable to understand the basic biological fact that she was repulsive?  Had we sunk so far?  We arrived at the Harvard stop, and the cream-cheese devouring “females” rose from their seats with great exertion and waddled away.  The black spoke again:

“This niggas smart as fuck, he goes to Harvard!  His parties are craaaazaaay!”


9 thoughts on “Two Very Fat Dyke Feminists Gurgle their Garbage Philosophy Upon the Train and one Dares to Sit near Cad Who Nearly Vomyts in Rage

  1. I wish there was a nice camp to send them all to so that we wouldn’t have to look at, smell, touch, or hear them speak. They could be placed in crates, given all the food they want, electronic entertainment of course, and then the crisis of the bacon shortage in China could be solved! Even if I might think myself “special” I still feel that it would be a better world if women’s second class citizenship were codified. I’d rather have fewer “rights” then answer to the bulk of Western Womanhood nosing into my business. However, please save me from “The Harem”. I’d rather be a hermit than to be forced to room with the likes of those creatures. Heck, I’d rather be cleaning the toilets in a men’s prison.

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      • That’s so sweet even if it’s over the top. However, I shudder to imagine what a “prestigious harem” might look like in which “women of a certain age” were qualified members. I would say each having our own facilities and entrance so we don’t have to look at each other if we don’t want to would be a start. On balance, however, I’d prefer to live alone in a hollow tree in the woods rather than take my chances with the catfights.


      • You may of course maintain your own facilities in a hollowed tree in my nation upon the condition that you spend 1 week per month training and breaking new girls and also making preserves and salting meats.

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      • You may of course maintain your own facilities in a hollowed tree in my nation upon the condition that you spend 1 week per month training and breaking new girls and also making preserves and salting meats.


  2. Excellent! This is such an great piece of political satire…Fantastic!! Thanks for re-posting…. You always see some super sized black bitch trying to squeeze herself into clothes that are like the Grinches heart…2 sizes too small…and the best part is they think they’re hot! hahaha This one doesn’t sound smart enough to clean the toilets at MIT, let alone attend…

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  3. I am reclining contentedly, listening to a preferred genre of musical caterwauling, and sufficiently alcohol lubricated for the corners of my mouth to almost curl into a smile. Then I read this and laughed loudly enough to send my feline seat-mate scrambling for cover. Well done.

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