Cad Seduces a Womyn Student of Harvard Divinity School Who Believes Herself to be Psychic and later Gropes the Trollop’s PHD AIDS Researcher Compatriot at a Harvard Party: Featuring the Music of Lil Wayne and Juicy Jay Whom are Both Negroids

Dear Reader,

Your beloved Cad is well on his way to becoming the ideal man.  He is physically beautiful: tall, broad shouldered, fearsomely brown bearded, his physique honed by iron at Boston Sports Club for 99 US dollars per month in a contract that a negro sold to him which Cad now regrets locking into but the club is very close and convenient and Cad does not wish to pay the 250 dollar cancellation fee until Cad has financed some car repairs and recouped those losses by driving for Uber part time which is a livery service run by Punjabi Rapists.

Cad is of above average intelligence but is not a prodigy and must therefore constantly seek to improve his mynd which he does by reading alt-right blogs which often promote seduction techniques for the purpose of restoring virility in the whyte American Male such that he may outbreed his illegal Latin and legal Moslem competitors.  Cad finds little joy in sex as he is circumcised and is quite heartbrokyn by the loss of his love to a Vermonter whose Canon is much larger than Cad’s but of lower qualytie.  Cad once believed mightily in the protection of female virginity and had hoped to sire children in his twenties but realitie and the writings of H.L Mencken, Heartiste, and Stardusk have had a profound affect and Cad is both gladdened for his chance to develop unburdened and heartbroken by his tattered vision and contradiction does not a strong libido make*.

* (While the release of womyn’s feral nature is admittedly a cancer on society, Cad has determined it personally beneficial to learn to exploit it and perhaps grow stronger in his Charisma much as Native Americans grew stronger by consuming the bodies of their enemies.  Cad intends to sexually devour thousands of feminists and ingrain himself into their lives such that he may become a messenger from their world to yours such that you may arm yourself with knowledge and restore societie.)

Yet Cad is of superior health and very furious by the prospect of Latin and Moslem invaders and this fury promotes a strong libido though while not maximal womyn see Cad’s hairy arms and face and hungry eyes and are immediately made moist in their muffs.

Cad is gifted with keen senses and certain womyn exude a confident sexualtie which Cad is certain he can see and also smell from a good distance.  There is a certain gait that a young womyn has whilst she is in heat, and it is this gait that Cad saw upon a womyn who pranced into his seating area in a Cambridge cafe’ on a Sunday night while Cad was quite drunk and preparing for his week’s work of selling Pop-Up ad software which destroys the host companies website and loses them very much money.

Dearest reader, the average American man, and the majority of men in Cambridge, are castrates of the highest order as Cad himself once was.  It is thus very easy to seduce a Cambridge womyn as Cambridge womyn are womyn despite their ideologie which promotes that they repress their desire for furious men and instead desire men who plead for access to their overrated orifice by signing clauses and creating video taped requests for consent.   

Dear Reader, it is now Crucial that you complete this reading with this very fine Negro Tune to which your daughter will copulate with Latins and Blacks and Muslims as you have lost all control of the society that was once great and is now degraded.  Verily the beat is very strong and good for ones libido.

So locking eyes with this young Mediterranean trollop with mad eyes created a certainty that I would copulate with her, a prospect which caused me annoyance as womyn are annoying nuisances but which also caused in me a sense of competition which I could only sate with copulation.  I began my seduction:

“You are fucking terrible at setting up your table.”

“Well I’m just stressed”

“Why are you stressed, are you quite busy deconstructing patriarchy?”

“Very funny, I have a lot of work to do.”

“Come here, I’ll show you a youtube video and we can deconstruct it.”

Verily the wench sat near me, I gained her trust with mindless rapport and dominant body language, and she told me of her ex love and her moderately sized vaginal cavity which I then groped leading her to slap me to which I responded by lightly choking her and then plunging my tongue down her throat to which she responded  with passionate moans.  She refused to copulate at my apartment due to her being bloody with menstruation to which I told her I would enjoy imagining I was deflowering her to which she moaned and we made our way back to my apartment and I copulated with her as it would make a fine tale to tell my associates but which was a bloody nuisance and ruined my bath towel.

The womyn would not tell me her name but did tell me that she is a student of the Harvard Divinity school which clearly has fallen into the hands of Satan.   The girl invited me to a party the following week at which I became very drunk and groped the breast and ass of a very beautiful German womyn who had a boyfriend in the fatherland and was also a leading PHD candidate for AIDS research and whom the bloody trollop from the coffee shop has suggested we may copulate with together as the bloody trollop is a bisexual.  The German slapped me which I do not remember because I was very drunk.

I copulated again with the bloody trollop yesterday when she was not bloody, and she told me that she can analyze my psyche whilst she massages my very good muscles which I allowed and she claimed I have a domineering mother who I am terrified of.  This is true of course as I am partly Jew and is a claim anyone could make of any man in Cambridge accurately as all the men of Cambridge were castrated mentally in their youths and are liberals.

The bloody trollop then proclaimed at her horror that the nutcracker ballet which she had earlier attended was filled with whyte people, to which I kept silent.  I have decided to ingrain myself in high liberal society in Cambridge such that I may report back to you, my dear reader, the nuances of this society which you verily wish to destroy and also so that I may have group sex with the growing number of bisexuals who are craving a dominant ferocious man such as myself who can also navigate the linguistic labyrinth that is their incoherent philosophy.  To those who decry my “immoral” actions, may I remind you that whytes face low birth rates in the face of r selection strategied Moslems Blacks and Latins and that if whytes do not maintain harems of whyte womyn that the Moslems Blacks and Latins will.

Humbly, Cad


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