Moslems at the Gym; Cad Remembers Tsarnaev

Alright then


About two years ago two Chechen Moslem brothers killed and maimed numerous civilians with home made bombs at the Boston Marathon which is a very long distance running race in which very many white liberals who oppose the fear of Islam participate.  The manhunt for the two oppressed Moslems was carried out in the Boston suburbs of Watertown in which there is a sizeable Chechen Moslem community.  One brother was gunned down by overzealous racist police forces and the other is currently working the university diversity speaking circuit.

Cad is all too aware that a war is afoot.  Anywhere that Moslems congregate in large numbers becomes a de-facto Moslem nation.  They are a prideful and virile people who understand that if a society does not control it’s womyn, than its womyn will become the womyn of an alien society.  They know a simple but powerful truth which no amount of belief in evolution or empathy can alter.  Power simply exists, and a people either has power or it does not.  Although the Americans are a wealthy and empathetic bunch, they have forgotten the most powerful and basic truths.  The Americans are a people attempting to practice chemistry with no knowledge of molecular behavior but a good grasp of the color of the molecules.  White: bad.  Brown: good.

I understand social chemistry and the explosive mix which is forming within the American nation and am filled with fury as a man of my race and social standing is barred from discussing such matters without facing disastrous professional and familial repercussions.    I am thus filled with rage and enjoy expending energy at the local gym.  At around 930pm I was engaged in very vigorous free weight exercises when two enormous Moslem males lumbered to the bench next to mine and began exercising.

One Moslem had a bushy black beard and both had physical features like Chechens: large noses quite like my own Jewish nose, but with Olive skin and pitch black hair.  They were of gargantuan size, and while I used 60 pound weights for my shoulder presses they used 100 pound weights and did twice the repetitions as I.  Their fore arms were as thick as my  calves and they were six feet tall.  They carried themselves with a pure manner of confidence the likes of which one does not see in American men.  I engaged the Moslems:

“You should try the 120 pound weights, the 100 pounds look too lite for you.”

“Oh yeah?” The beardless Moslem chuckled.  He waddled to the 120 pound dumbbells, hoisted them, and then did 10 repetitions.

His bearded compatriot looked me square in the eyes after I spoke with his brethren.  Chills shot down my spine.  This fellow could see that I was a Jew. He turned away and I could see a look of mild disgust on his face and he avoided my eye contact for the rest of the training session.  Perhaps he thought I was a homosexual.

The Moslems left the free weight area after fifteen minutes leaving only the smell of vulgar cologne.  As full of vigor against their peoples as I am, I imagined coming to fisticuffs with these men and of how quickly they could tear my limbs from my body.  I remembered the Tsarnaev brothers, and how their single minded focus on victory had led them to national fame and brutal triumph over their foes who are anyone within the United States.

It is a great mystery to Cad how a people who do not believe in attaining dominance over those who wish to dominate them can ever live in peace.  I do not think that it is possible.


2 thoughts on “Moslems at the Gym; Cad Remembers Tsarnaev

  1. The real question is why are they even here…yet the State Dept continues to issue visas to totally useless and worthless aliens with no concern as to the consequences…that’s for folks like us to deal with. They live happily in their gated whitetopias; preaching diversity that they personally eschew, for others such as us to endure…Thanks a lot.


    • Yes thank you for the enrichment. The white privilege courses in school and work take the sting out of the disenfranchisement. Why do they come? In the words of Kanye West: they hate ourself but lu’ dey wealf. Or something.


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