Cad Blows his Cover with the Harvard Trollop who Thinks She is Psychic but draws a Confession of her Views of the Feminist Mission

Dear Reader,

Cad was determined to disguise his beliefs from the Harvard Trollop who often gave him very good massages and mediocre oral sex but due to his insatiable desire to test his verbal sparring abilities, Cad blew his cover but was able to encourage the trollop from Harvard to fully display the totalitarian nature of feminism as is elucidated below in our text message exchange:

Trollop:  Ugh… I’m on page 11 of a twelve pager…Brilliant inspiration come upon me!!!!

Cad: Upon your tits or face.

Trollop: I knew that was too easy after I sent it… Tell me something great, that will make me want to work again

Cad: Feminism has increased the supply of labor and driven down wages, reduced the time parents can spend with their children, required greater public and private expenditures on childcare which has reduced savings and diluted the transmission of values which allowed for the institutional presence that ensured rising standards of living and social cohesion.

Trollop: Anger babble is not inspiring…Is this what you write in your blogs?  I can’t imagine people read this shit…

Cad: Excuse me madam that is very basic economic theory.  If one increases the supply of something its price will fall.

Trollop: I have such a violent reaction to you.  It is not healthy.

Cad: Is that what your therapist says?

Trollop: Humans are going through a shift.  Men will see soon enough that their real place is in the home with the children, and women are much more equipped to handle the dynamic demands of intellectually stimulating environments.  We are already taking over the Universities…just wait.

Cad: At least you’re honest and aware of the grand experiment you are attempting.  It is funny that your version of gender division is truth while mine is hate.  However your message was invigorating propaganda.  But your movement is losing its grip, men are checking out.

Trollop: Your aggression lies in the dualistic way that you blame feminism for all the world’s ills instead of men’s inability to adapt to a new world order by checking out.  Our inability to adapt and embrace a new vision is causing us to stagnate as a species.  It is survival of the fittest.

Cad: Feminism is not the first movement to proclaim itself as evolutionary progress being held back by unbelievers.  I don’t blame feminism, I blame men for believing it.  Last I checked the world’s largest and fastest growing people were Muslims who are anything but Feminists, while feminists are breeding at below replacement rate.

Trollop: Whoa, not all Muslims repress women…BROAD sweeping statement here.  (CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE!)

Cad: I did not say that they oppress women universally, but they are much more commonly using women to breed than to run their societies (as they should) which is never.

Trollop: Let’s get busy then.  Need to reproduce some more little (Her Name)’s quickly!!! Before we go extinct!

Cad: Nein! My sons will be good patriarchs not stay at home dads.

Trollop: Unlikely, little jew boy.  They will be good mama’s boys like you.  (CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE JEW)

Cad: I am the Antichrist of jewboys.  It is funny how quickly you jump to the defense of muslim men.  It does make sense…if your cause is successful your offspring will end up Muslim anyway.

Trollop: I do not.  I don’t care for them as a whole, or their women.  But broad generalizations are dangerous.  (The liberal trollop admits to disliking Moslems!)

Cad: Cultures are different and observing those differences is not dangerous, it is necessary.  Before the intellectual movements which solidified the Kakistocracy took hold, cultural generalization was survival.

Trollop: Kakistocracy?

Cad: Government under the control of the worst or least qualified persons.

Trollop: My bachelors degree is in Anthropology, I’m well aware of the value of appreciating other people’s differences.  Just that we view other cultures through the bias of our own lenses, not on their own merit…welcome to colonialism, which is especially dangerous in a Kakistocracy.

Cad: Well the Kakistocracy agrees with you: we are not allowed to judge the practices of different cultures.  If Muslims want to slaughter us, that’s our fault or their own raison d’etre and is to be appreciated.  If black people wish to live on welfare and kill each other who are we to judge?  Did you know Australian aboriginal tribes regularly ate and molested their children?  Who are we to judge?

Trollop: Hahahahahaha lol.  Who are you?

Cad: I’m the last fucking man in Boston, that’s who.

Trollop: Why is it bad that America’s reign is coming to an end anyway?

Cad: Because it means your grandchildren will live under tyranny.  The alternative is hell.

Trollop: Adapt, fucker.  Learn Chinese or Russian or Arabic instead of sitting around complaining.  You cannot stop the mechanism, position yourself in a way to benefit from the next turn of the wheel.

Cad: I’m no hegelian, you wench.  But if you believe what you say, you are fighting to secure the future for the Chinese, Russians, or Muslims, all of which are patriarchal peoples.

Trollop: If they take over I’m rolling with it and adapting.  (The Wench, like all wenches, holds no principles and lives only for the fertilization of her eggs or proper maintenance of her legions of cats.  This is why woman are not suited for leadership, they are born to surrender.)

Our conversation trailed off as I was exhausted and it was three o clock in the morning and I had to rise for work at seven.  I sent the trollop a message today requesting a massage to which she has not answered.  I will have to seduce another womyn from Harvard to learn more about their Dastardly plans.


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