The Alt-Right’s Propagation Propaganda Problem: A Critique of the Culture which Criticizes the Culture of Critique

It is true the Alt-Right contains gems of truth more pure and vibrant than most I have come across in my few years on earth.  It is also true that there remain many blemishes of un-truth within the alt-right which must be rectified.

Many elements of un-truth exist in order to encourage action to be taken by individuals for the benefit of the tribe.  These untruths which are promoted for the benefit of the tribe are what is known as “propaganda”.  It is true that propaganda is a necessary tool for many social movements, and because time is pressing and demographic realities are what they are, it is of course necessary to encourage the proper individuals to breed as rapidly as possible.

However, propaganda does great damage to individuals who’s best interest is not tied up in the whole at the very given and exact moment.  There exists within the Alt-Right a constant voice to BREED and to BREED NOW and that NO MATTER WHAT ECONOMIC OR PHILOSOPHICAL CIRCUMSTANCE YOU FIND YOURSELF IN, THAT NOW IS THE TIME TO BREED.  There exists a very strong voice that those men who do not breed are not as much men as those who do.  I view this assertion to be understandable given our diminished demographic position and admirable in its intentions, but also damaging to the interests of real flesh and blood individuals whose contributions to society might be better served were they to forestall reproduction and build wealth and/or intelligence without the distraction of child rearing.  Propaganda is often a necessary tool, but as I am interested foremost in the pursuit of truth it also necessary to rectify the untruth of propaganda.

We limit our recruitment if the only way we recruit is by bestowing praise upon one type of contribution to our cause.  We will not triumph over those who exhibit r type reproduction by mindlessly breeding.  We DO have the element of time on our hands, as we are the more intelligent group.  The worst thing that we can do at this juncture is to begin to mimic the breeding habits of our enemies, to infuse our own strategy with the strategy of the enemy we wish to remove ourselves from.

I believe that what most of us desire to is to be left alone.  I myself envision ownership over a tract of land and paying a very small property tax over that tract.  If I am a bachelor or a homosexual man or woman what is the difference so long as I am amenable to the people of the alt-right?  What does it matter so long as I do no harm and vote to maintain the borders and foundational customs of the United States?  How overjoyed I would be, even as a bachelor, to sell a piece of my land to an alt-right family?

Even within our tribe there exists a massive egotism.  There exists a claim that my reproductive choices are heroic as they are my contribution, and if you do not contribute than you are not the man that I am.  I completely reject this assertion.  I do not find that there is one contribution that stands out amongst all others to promote our cause.  Simply having children is not enough.  Having children at this juncture may in fact be strategically harmful, as the marriage laws in the nation are such to put men at a great disadvantage, and it seems unanimous within our tribe that it is patriarchy and the fact of ownership bestowed to the male of his offspring to be a driving force of civilization.  If it is agreed that we live in a matriarchy than it seems nonsensical for a man to produce children in such a legal environment until that environment is dismantled.  If the alt-right claims to be a bastion of rationality for our people, than we WOULD NOT encourage irrational behavior for our people; this is most harmful to our cause because the most intelligent and therefore the most desired who would join us will view us rightfully as irrational and therefore will not join.

We do no benefit to our cause if we ignore the hesitance of our recruits to join our movement.  Our recruits are intelligent and self interested as they should be.  To ridicule them and deprive them of the title of “man” will only seek to drive the most intelligent away from our movement.  I hereby seek to cleanse our movement of as many internal philosophical and practical conflicts as I can such that I can make joining the movement more amenable to those men of high intellect and demeanor.  Time is on our side, and we should utilize time to create a movement that will encourage others to join and not to flee into long term hedonism.

Best, Cad


6 thoughts on “The Alt-Right’s Propagation Propaganda Problem: A Critique of the Culture which Criticizes the Culture of Critique

  1. Yes indeed, the best way to ensure that your genes are protected is to not breed. To breed is to entrust your genes to someone else. A man cannot control his sperm unless it remains within his testicles, that’s the only way to ensure that they survive, to protect them.
    Women are pure evil. They have no self control. They exist only to steal your DNA so that they can use the sacred legal system created by the supreme beings to take everything you produce.
    For you see, the only thing you are worth is the product of your labor.What you think of as creation has all been done before. You cannot make anything new or unique and even if you could accomplish such an impossible thing it will be taken by your betters anyway. So just forget about having children. Leave to those who are chosen the inconsequential business of reproducing, you are not worthy of such a petty thing.
    And after you draw your last breath, your genes will be finally be safe. No mere female will enjoy the fruit of your labor. Rest in peace.

    Actually I jest.
    Who is against Whites reproducing?
    I know which one “Cad” is


      • *for myself. And the risks should be confronted. The Alt-Right SHOULD discuss what the legal environment has become and work to alter it. If a person does not have children but they work to make the system more conducive to white reproduction, then they certainly have helped. Another point I make is that reproduction is not the ONLY beneficial course of action.

        As for people who have reproduced or are going to, they are doing great work and I wish them well.


  2. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Oh here we go again. Rational versus irrational behavior. Fuck science. Embrace faith.

    Look, I get what you are saying. At the same time, who are the white children of today going to marry? Who will be their peers, their friends? The Groids?

    There is no I will do, there is just do. You make a choice and commit to making it the right choice.

    Rationality? If we were all rational, we would never have procreated. Was it rational to go through childbirth in the Dark Ages?

    Now is the time.


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