The Egg Waltz: Women are more Irrelevant than Ever

Hello, my name is Cad.  Would you care to dance?  You are a physically perfect woman; taller than average with long legs, full lips, pronounced collar bones, and full but not encumbering breasts.  You exude European perfection and your pheromones turn my stomach into knots.  I ache when I see you and when I am away from you.  Even if I were to have you I could not have enough, and even if I ignored you I could never forget you and would be driven mad if you were possessed by someone else.   There is simply no winning for me in this situation; I am trapped.

It is in this state of affairs that men will tell me to mate with you if you desire me and women will grow jealous by your desire.  My social standing will rise quickly should I marry and impregnate you.  But my dear and beautiful flower, there will most certainly be costs to myself and to Europeans.

As I have mentioned before, if someone else were to have you I would be devastated.  You know that you have this power over me, and if you didn’t you would not have married me .  If I displease you you may always threaten to drive a knife through my heart by allowing and encouraging the attention of another man.  As the provider of one half of the genetic material of our offspring, you will be fully committed to manipulating me to take action in ways that you see to be in the best interest of our children even if I do not agree with your strategy.  In an earlier era my say would be the law, and should you protest I would inflict corporeal punishment and jump-start your lust for me.

In a natural state of affairs, my sweet temptation, I would use force to manage the family.  We do not live in a natural state today.  Should I act in a way in which you dislike or your family dislikes you may divorce me and cause my offspring such dysfunction as to render them philosophical enemies to my cause.  As such, it is of utmost necessity that I abandon all semblance of Christian and Secular guidance in regards to marriage.

Should I pursue a Christian marriage in which corporeal discipline is applied, I will find myself gutted by the state.  Should I follow a secular marriage I will find my children raised by state philosophy and therefore I will find myself gutted.  The only rational solution for a man who wishes to raise children today is to pursue surrogacy.  Woman has been divorced from her role in the family, and must live as a man in society until society re orients itself to correct the mal-adjusted course on which it has sent woman.

Feminism has divorced woman from family; she is too great a liability to take on.  This says nothing in regards to European reproduction as eggs are plentiful in freezers around the nations and women are desperate for funds to fuel their expeditions into corporate life.  There is no reason why European birth rates should drop and fathers should stop being heads of households, but there is every reason to see woman as little more than the Hen of Humanity.  Cluck.  Cluck.  Cluck.  You were second to men before, and your “empowerment” has merely re-affirmed your roles as breeders and burdens in a most humiliating fashion.


3 thoughts on “The Egg Waltz: Women are more Irrelevant than Ever

  1. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Well I guess you are not going to get married to a White Woman, but then again, you are probably some Jew masquerading as a white guy.

    Do you have any idea how much it costs to do surrogacy? Try 80 k minimum. Most Working White people do not have that cash.

    When I lived in DC, I noticed a trend of DL gay guys who would travel outside of the country to find women who would bear their children under the pretense that they (the men) were straight and wanted to get married. I met two foreign ladies at a playground, one from Mexico and one from the Ukraine who became friends because both of their husbands came out of the closet.
    I have to wonder Dastardly why you use the term ‘breed’. It sort of reeks of down lowness, but hey, if you are pro White, I won’t judge.
    Why would a man want to beat his wife? I don’t understand why anyone would want to abuse someone they claim to love and respect. I also do not comprehend abusing the mother or father of one’s children.

    Personally, I like breeding. I like being a mom. I would like being a wife too , but many of the people ( not just men or not just women) in Amurkistan are just unmarriable.

    How is having children being a low status responsibility? What is wrong with breeding White kids?


    • Hi vikingbitch,

      I reference my mudblood status as a half heeb half frog in an earlier piece.

      I am pro white, but marriage laws and sex relations are anti white and very anti male. Males are taught that marital bliss comes from their submission to their wives, but it used to be that spanking ones wife was common.

      I want whites to have strong families, and most of my pieces contain hyperbole. I enjoy writing like an aristocrat who is attempting to nonpassionately assess our cultural malaise while weaving in humor and strange prescriptions for social order to illuminate the very sick hole we have dug ourselves into.

      You sound like a wonderful mother, Cad’s host mind does not in fact view motherhood as a low class activity.


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