Things Which are True

I have always had an obsession with discovering what was true.  My earliest memory is from my second year of life while spying on my parents debating on how best to discipline me.  I became aware at that moment that people will often conspire to manipulate other people and present their intentions in cloaked language which is different from that which they use to design their social manipulations.  When told about the Tooth Fairy, I forced myself to stay awake through the night in order to see this winged she-merchant who traded teeth for american currency, and was greatly let down when my father came into my room to slip a dollar beneath my pillow.  I rushed to school the next day and in a sleep deprived, manic state of hyper-awareness pulled my friends aside one by one to let them in on the spectacular secret which I had discovered.

I was the first to spread word of the lie of Santa Clause, and upon hearing about how babies were actually made could scarcely contain my excitement in breaching this news to my ignorant pre-pubescent peers.  I have since been engaged in a multi-decade quest to engage in the reproductive act with as many attractive females of my species as possible, and have found the “juice” to be “not worth the squeeze” since aging and discovering that this past-time causes other humans to regard one as a Dastardly Rake and causes human females to thrust guilt upon you for toying with their delicate and ever aging egg-fertilization program.

I was raised to worship the left and revile the right.  Through curiosity and obsessive thought and reading I traversed the ideological spectrum to worship the right and revile the left.  In time, I have realized that there are smatterings of truth across the spectrum, and I now fit uncomfortably in neither camp.

Through my journey I have discovered things which I am comfortable in stating are true, and which I doubt I will change my perspective upon, but from which I am drawing in order to promote my view of how best to construct and preserve a society which will infuriate Muslims.  I see Muslim society as the worst industrialized society, and while I cannot define exactly what society it is that I wish to live in other than one which respects and seeks the truth, I know with certainty that I do not wish to live in a Muslim society.

1.  There is no evidence of a spiritual world

2.  Human beings will believe in anything to bring themselves comfort

3.  Neither human males nor females are monogamous, but they are jealous

4.  Humans would rather have financial security than to not have financial security

5.  Human females are aroused by powerful males

6.  The largest and fastest growing religion believes its savior flew on a winged horse to heaven

7.  I would rather live in an irrational Christian society than an irrational Muslim society.

8.  Secular societies lack historical self awareness and self confidence needed to defend themselves from Islamic growth

9.  There is no life after death

10. You should be able to own whatever firearm you wish

11.  Property taxes are more oppressive than income taxes.  You do not need much of an income if you own property on which you owe no money.

12.   Man made climate change is a falsehood, but no business should be allowed to harm the health of un-involved parties.

13.  Free market economics work until they allow social destruction, at which point they should be moderated and controlled by the state; the point of which is up for constant debate.

14.  Intelligent powerful men can be manipulated and destroyed by the women that they love.

15.  It is possible to be aware of the power and danger of women while still being susceptible to them.

16.  If you want to succeed in this world, you must be able and willing to lie.

17.  The more you know of reality the less contradictory your life will be, the more happiness will come your way, and the less harm you will cause to others.

18.  Enormous harm is caused by people being unaware of their biological reality’s incongruence with prevailing ideological norms.

19.  I have no desire to lie to promote social change.


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